Meka Engineering

MEKA works in a surface treatment sector through design, construction and assistance of machinery and plants for:

Cleaning - Polishing

Machines used for polishing profiles and sheets of different materials and sizes; they can be equipped with loading and unloading systems as well as workpiece pressure systems..

Brushing - Scotch Brite

Machines characterized by lower and upper brushes able to work 2 surfaces at the same time; they can accept brushes of different materials to obtain different finishes..


Machines characterized by an abrasive belt that is able to create highly fashionable finishes in the furniture and design sector; possible request for inclined groups to machine multiple sides of the piece at the same time.

Special Finishes

Meka designs and manufactures machines capable of producing particular finishes in line with the specific requests of the customer

Automatic Handlings

Meka is able to supply industrial automations for the most varied sectors, for operations of: handling, accumulation, overturning and evacuation of pieces. Special automations on request..

Film machines

Meka manufactures machines for spreading protective films on sheets and profiles..


Meka has participated in important trade fairs such as Aluminium Dusseldorf and Interall


Surface treatments on all metallic, non-metallic and composite materials in general, as well as special industrial automations made on customer request.

MEKA is a young company founded on solid foundations.

Thirty years of experience of the founding members in the design and direct production of finishing machines and plants, in the name of continuity and guarantee of results.

The direct contribution of new resources from technologically advanced sectors such as mechatronics and robotics; this to give new impulses to the sector.

Some of our machines: PM Polishing machine, Brushing groups and the Grinding triangle

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