MEKA Engineering

MEKA works in a surface treatment sector through
design, construction and assistance of machinery and plants for

  • Cleaning / Polishing
  • Brushing
  • Grinding
  • Sand blasting
  • Special finishes
  • Film and packaging systems

Meka: Aluminium and Metal finishing

Surface treatments on all metallic, non-metallic and composite materials in general, as well as special industrial automations made on customer request.

MEKA is a young company founded on solid foundations.

Thirty years of experience of the founding members in the design and direct production of finishing machines and plants, in the name of continuity and guarantee of results.

The direct contribution of new resources from technologically advanced sectors such as mechatronics and robotics; this to give new impulses to the sector.

Divisione automazioni

MEKA S.r.l. represents a young company that is the result of years of experience in the engineering and customized design sector. In the last 2 years with the further strengthening of the internal staff, MEKA has expanded its range of products by orienting itself towards the field of customized handling and automation solutions on specific customer request, offering various possibilities of collaboration, from the project / product ” turnkey for co-design activities with subsequent stages of progress before the final testing of the machinery with the customer.




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